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Charles Gounod (1818-1893) wrote this beautiful sacred song as his last work for voice and orchestra, and one of his last compositions. It is known by its French title Repentir, and is subtitled “Scene sous forme de priere” (Scene in the form of a prayer). It remained unperformed and unpublished during his lifetime, but has since assumed a place as one of the most popular religious songs in sacred music.

Arranged in many different instrumentations over the years, it is now available for the discriminate horn player(s). In addition to this particular arrangement, please look to the other arrangements by Mountain Horn Music: solo horn, horn quartet, low voice and horn. Whatever your choice, it will be sure to please the performer and move the listener. (Skill level: high school and above)

Gounod - O, Divine Redeemer for High voice (in "C"), Horn & piano

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