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From the Cave to the Concert Hall

A 10,000 year chronicle of the horn

a 10,000 year chronicle of the horn

An interactive presentation of the history & development of the "horn"

Authentic, historical and modern instruments

Using authentic instruments and engaging narrative, students and audiences are enlightened in the history behind this noble wind instrument, from the earliest origins of sea shells and animal horns, to its modern-day orchestral form.

shofar demonstration
alphorn demonstration
Parforce horn demonstration

Interactive, "hands-on" participation

Having acquired an introductory knowledge of horn history, audiences are encouraged to experience guided involvement and active participation on many of the instruments demonstrated in the presentation.

horn displays

Contact information

We would love to come and visit with you . . . groups, schools, clinics, all sizes. Please feel free to initiate contact for further information, availability and engagement, at on the home page.

hunting horns
various horns on display
conch shell horn
hunting horns
Conch shell horn
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